NAILS References

These documents were written by experienced NAILS players; as such, they can be relied on to be generally accurate. However, additions and improvements are continually made to NAILS, so not everything will be covered here.

Starting Out
The NAILS Beginner's Guide is not just for beginners. It's a nicely organized library of information for the most common things you'll do on NAILS. Even though most beginners can get by with the help available on NAILS itself, this is a more comprehensive source.
The NAILS help system is no longer online within NAILS itself, but you can read the master document by clicking the link.
The NAILS map is a good overview of NAILS' layout.

The Labyrinth
Calla's Guide. The labyrinth is a dark and mysterious area of NAILS for those who wish to gain fortune and prestige. Many NAILSers do not play the labyrinth at all; they want no part of killing rogue CIA Agents, or learning about different types of weapons and armor like Grateful Dead T-shirts or Steve Miller Sunglasses. Should you choose to venture into this part of NAILS, this information, written by a combat veteran who has reached the rank of Grand Admiral, may be critical.

MUCK Manual, Chaos Manual, MUF tutorial, MUF manual. These are non-NAILS-specific MUCK references discussing mostly building and programming. Only wizards are allowed to program on NAILS, so you won't have much practical use for this information; it's mostly for those who wish to gain a deeper understanding of the way NAILS works. Also, NAILS' many modifications and enhancements are not discussed here.