Connecting to NAILS

Connecting to NAILS through telnet is pretty easy. But once you get that down, you may want to look into alternate ways of connecting ("MUD Clients"). Clients have features like macros, triggers, auto-login, etc. that automate a lot of work for you. This is a very short list of clients; talk to NAILSers about their favorites.

TELNET The easiest way to connect, but not very powerful. At your system prompt (or an MS-DOS window), type "telnet 5150". The command may be slightly different on some systems. Windows 95 users: If you use telnet, NAILS will not be in color. Also, your Web browser may not be able to find telnet; you may have to use the command prompt.
zMUD zMUD is a popular and highly configurable Windows-based client. If you use this, set your default colors to white on black, so NAILS color will work correctly. Has all the nifty stuff you'd expect in a popular client. Other Windows-based clients are available at most shareware sites, such as
TINYFUGUE TinyFugue is a powerful client with pretty much every feature you could imagine. It was designed for UNIX and OS/2; a Windows 95 version is apparently in the works. An unofficial DOS port exists, but might be tough to master unless you already know TF well. TF's features include triggers, timed repetition of commands, command input from disk files, spam suppression, and much, much more.
HOT MUDSLIDE Hot Mudslide is a simple Java client; you can run it right now from this window without having to manually download anything. However, it doesn't have a very wide array of features, and it won't support NAILS color. If you get strange characters while on NAILS, type "@set me=!ANSI" once you're on NAILS to disable colors.