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The Best Damn Thing on the Internet NAILS

CENBM Best MUD Award

NAILS is one of the most popular and longest-running MUDs on the Internet. We have an eclectic base of thousands of people from all over the world. You can converse with other users in any of hundreds of different rooms; the theme revolves around a beach town with bars, hotels, a boardwalk, and plenty of things to do.

NAILS has been featured in numerous books and magazine articles, including the Internet Yellow Pages and an entire chapter in the stream-of-consciousness book Surfing on the Internet.

YOU can access NAILS through telnet at nailschat.com 5150 . Check the Connecting page for more info and better ways to connect.
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The New Year's 1999 Missouri Gathering page is up! Check it out!

Send us feedback at nails@nailschat.com Do not send character requests to that address!
Children should be carefully supervised on NAILS, as with any other chat area.

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